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Color Corrections

Are you asking yourself what a color correction is, or feel like you need something dramatic done but not sure what? Well, you have come to the right place! This page is fully dedicated to educating you on what this service is all about. We will talk about what a color correction is, how much the average cost is at Salons in all geo’s, and what we charge here at Colored and Cut.

Please keep reading so you are fully informed and know what to expect.

What is a Color Correction?

A color correction is to “correct” the tone or color. Whether your hue is too light, dark, cool-toned, or warm-toned. If you’re dealing with ashy-turned-brassy strands, uneven color regrowth, or want to make a drastic change from dark to light hair, you will probably need to book a color correction appointment.

Color correction may also be necessary after a DIY color job gone wrong—particularly if you used a box dye formula.

Either way, if you are unhappy with your hair color, and you are hoping you can find a stylist to work some magic on your hair. Colored and Cut recommends booking a consultation before booking your color correction appointment, this way so you know what to expect and your stylist can come up with a color correction plan specifically for your hair’s needs and your budget, this way there are no surprises.

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The average cost of a color correction 
Unfortunately, Color corrections can be costly for both the stylist and the client.

The process demands an abnormal amount of product, color and time. Even a relatively simple color correction can take 2 1/2 hours to 6 hours, or maybe even more, including processing time. Charges for this service vary according to geographical location and skillset. The high side of the national avg. is roughly $130 per hour with a floor at around $80 an hour. Typically the lower end of the spectrum is in remote areas and or entry level color skillset. At Colored and Cut we charge $100 an hour, so a regular color correction (est. 3 hours ) would cost the the client around $300. It sounds like a huge amount but not if you factor in the time, expertise and the products involved.

If it is a major correction, involving multiple stages and perhaps 4 or 5 hours, then the cost goes up accordingly. 

Should I go for multiple sessions instead?
Sometimes the temptation comes to go to a stylist for 3 separate and cheaper sessions. 3 mini-sessions, if you like. Some hair stylists do
suggest color correction in stages. Here at Colored and Cut we respectfully disagree with this approach. Do it once and do it right is our motto. Assuming quality products are used, and assuming the stylist knows their stuff, there is no reason to do it in 3 stages. 
You will just end up damaging the hair and spaying more money over 3 sessions with less suitable results! It is far better to fix everything once properly. Invest the money and the time to bring your hair back to where it should be. It will work out cheaper in the long run with continual maintenance. 

Why Color and Cut? 

Mandy Youngblood is a Master Stylist for over 21 years’. Her skill level shows through her work and knowledge. Having your hair done right the first time will save you from long term damage that can take months or years to reverse and a great deal of money. Mandy specializes in color correction and prides herself in exceptional results the first time that many stylists may struggle to achieve. She only uses the top-quality product and color during her services to ensure the structure of the hair remains strong and healthy during the process. Clients leave with their hair in better condition than when they came in. Take a look at some of her same day transformation below, they speak for themselves. If you are still unsure, please feel free to book a consultation with Mandy so she can help answers any questions you may have.

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We understand your hair is an is important to you, it’s hard to feel confident when your

hair is not looking its best. It can be a costly investment to get it looking good again.

Once the color is corrected, it’s easy to maintain and the upkeep services are affordable. Mandy likes to get her clients on a schedule to keep their color looing great at a price they can afford, so they never need a color correction again! A Color Correcting price varies for everyone because the time required varies for each person. That said, hair color correction is one of the most expensive services - particularly if your hair will take hours of work or (at worst) multiple appointments to fix. You can expect to spend $100 an hour for a color correction, this cost includes top quality products and color during your service to keep your hair strong and healthy through the entire process from start to finish. Below are some pictures of same day transformations Mandy's done here at Colored and Cut.

Click here to learn more about Mandy and her well rounder carrier is a Master Stylist.

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