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A Cut Above


Colored and Cut, is all about quality, & we take pride in our hair, just as you do. That’s why we prefer to only use DreamCatchers, 100% Remy hair that is silicone free. Doing this ensures lasting, quality hair, the kind you dream about. DreamCatchers hair is a unique blend of Remy hair, which means that the cuticles are intact & are aligned in the same direction. A s part of their quality control, they lab test their hair to check for cuticle integrity, pH, & hair structure to ensure that the hair is damage free & without any coatings

Carefully Selected

100% Remi Hair

In our experience, the quality of the hair is the most important factor in the hair extension business. DreamCatchers hair is a unique blend of Remy hair which means that the cuticles are intact and the hair runs from root to point.

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DreamCatchers Hair

This image shows the fully intact cuticle. Grade A extension hair is healthy & will integrate seamlessly with the client`s natural hair as seen above.

Other Hair on The Market

This image shows that the cuticle is not present. The V shaped marks are scars. The hair shaft broke down being over processed. Grade F extension hair usually has a sealant to coat & hide the fact that the cuticle is no longer present. The sealant makes the hair feel soft until it washes off.



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K-Tip System

Keratin Tip Extensions, also known as K-tip, is an individual extension that is applied using a heating tool. K-tips are ideal for fine to medium-haired clients and are extremely versatile with maximum movement. Our K-tips can be re-tipped and reused.

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I-Tip System

Invisible. Our Patented rubberized tip allows the hair to lay flat against the head. No Heat. No Glue. No Sewing. No Pain. No Damage. Reusable. Lasting over 1 year with maintenance every 4-6 weeks. Easy to install & maintain. Available in 50 gorgeous

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Weft System

The DreamCatchers Wefting method is one of the newest systems we offer. Our wefting system is a single weft of hair that is sewn in through a beaded foundation. Our wefts are 30 grams - 11" wide and are so delicate and thin. You are getting all the quality of your hand-tied but it is actually Machine-tied, which means it can be cut. You can also notice there is no beard or return on our wefts.


Tape In System

100% Full Cuticle Remy Human Hair Extensions. Perfectly Versatile. Braids, Pony Tails, Long Beachy waves ... you name it. Ideal for adding volume & length while blending naturally. Reusable. Lasting up to a year with maintenance every 6-8 weeks. Easy to install & maintain. No Shedding. No Tangling. Available in 50 gorgeous colors. Silicon Free & Silky smooth. Love it or change it. 60 Day Warranty. Natural. Beautiful. Luxurious. Long Lasting. Comfortable.

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